*DISCLAIMER* This post was written in October 2017! That's why this post seems to be written more recently.

I tried to rent the sander from Home Depot, but after driving to the east side of Asheville they were out of the paper I needed for the sander they were going to rent me. I ended up going to a tool rental company in Weaverville that I hadn't heard about yet! So much closer. It was also more affordable than renting at Home Depot. I got the right paper and headed to the house! After a very frustrating evening figuring out the sander and how to change the paper, we finally got into a rhythm. 

The lighting in this post are credited to the electricians who left us one room with electricity, so our overhead lighting is now a lightbulb clamped to the wood stove chimney.

The living room floor is crazy uneven, so the drum sander did as much as it could on the first few passes. We went through a shit ton of 36 grit sand paper because the adhesive would heat up and gum it...


SO MANY LAYERS - You guys, our house was like an onion of flammable particle board (beaver board) and way too much tongue-in-grove bead board. The builders in this area really love bead board - When we were looking at houses we looked at an adorable craftsman that was walls and ceiling of it in every room. We didn't know when we bought this one, but this house was definitely built by the same people or at the same time. It's become clear with meeting other home owners in the area that bead board was super cheap to use for walls back 100 years ago. They didn't have sheetrock then, and I'm sure plaster was expensive! 

We started that game of "what's behind this wall" back in September 2017, and it seems like we were removing beaverboard and bead board for our entire lives. At some point it stopped and the adding back to the house began which was a huge transformation of attitude!

We learned a lot of lessons in this part of our homeowner/home renovator lives - one of wh...



I know it has been a while. We are at serious 100% pace even if we did skip out on working on the house last night to drink hot chocolate for dinner and watch another episode of Top Gear. BUT we have a completely different house than when we started. At this point with all the photos, I am a bit overwhelmed with how to share all the content. 

I have officially edited ALL the photos. It will just take a few hours at the library to upload them into the website editor. Then I will be able to get them out to you all - I have even pre-written a bunch of posts and ready to plug those photos in.

We have had saga of the propane, Lake Meade under the house, HVAC issues, frozen pipes, and keeping heat with this record breaking cold snap. We have almost finished painting the "new" part of the house including the kitchen. As of right now our focus is on the shorter list of shit we have to do to get drywall in meaning we have done a lot of work! We are optimistic t...

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