We have been so busy with the Main House that I have forgotten to put up photos of the Flood and Crooked Houses. Here is the Flood House!

Don't be deceived with it's cute porch and stone wall garden. It's got some crazy shit going on with it. First off, the newer metal roof was only put on half way, and there isn't a back door.

Let's go in shall we? This is the front room where you first walk in. It has wood floors that may be able to be refinished - jury is still out. The brick is all fake/faux brick, but has a real chimney and wood stove access. We aren't sure on the status of either. We plan to take out all of the closets, but look at all those windows! I love them.

Scary bathroom - all of it needs to be redone. The floor is falling out near the tub. Also why is there carpet in the bathroom? 

This seems to be the only logical bedroom. It's dark, has a terribly built out closet, and has a window to the back porch. There IS wood flooring under this carpet that seems t...


Why would anyone decide to glue down astroturf to hardwood floors (and carpet on top of it)? 

We are still trying to process our feelings about this. We were first stunned that there is astroturf under the carpet in the first place, but soon discovered that the astroturf was GLUED to the hardwood flooring. 

This is where we started from - the white carpet came up in no time and no photos. 

As we pull up the astro-turf, it is peeling away from its foamy base and staying on the glue. We pulled, scraped, cut, and finally got it out of the room. NEXT, we had to remove the fake stone vinyl from the entry part of the room by the front door. (It blends into the old foam in these photos.) The vinyl was glued to balsa wood and stapled to the floor with 1.5" staples. WHY. We spent the remainder of the evening removing a HUGE amount of staples from the floor. 

Proud pile of staples:

The hardwood like it is similar to the guest room, but it is slightly lighter and skinnier in cut. 



YALL - What a difference. We need to buy new light bulbs and will be going for a warmer light, but look!! I'm so excited and so proud of this easy fix. Aaron spent like 20 minutes showing me one of them, and then I did the other. We are waiting on the other kitchen light to come in and the porch fitting. 

Maybe I will do a DIY tutorial for another post. I think I will.

We got both of these schoolhouse lights from Amazon - Check out this post for more information. We will try to take some daytime photos of these fixtures to show them in a better light. (get it?)

In the mean time, I'm going to oggle at my new lights while we take out the carpet and glued astro-turf from our living room floors. That deserves it's own post!

He's so cute.

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