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We are Erin and Aaron! (Annoying and cute, right?)

This blog is created to document our adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. We moved here in April of 2017, got married in May 2017, got baby goats last month, and are now looking for a home in the mountains! We have lived everywhere, and are finally looking to stay put for a while.

We are looking for a place with land with or without a house. Ideally there is a house on the property to either work on or ready to move into, but the land needs to feel special.

Since Aaron and I are totally different people when it comes to homes and what we want out of a home, we have been working on what is most important to the BOTH of us. There will definitely be a lot of compromising along the way, but we are both really excited about the idea of owning our own home for the first time and making it our own. We are also hoping to spread out life's bigger events like starting a family, so it is best to start now!

We hope that you all will love watching our journey!

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