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Inspections are seriously the most nerve wracking thing. My palms are getting sweating just thinking about it the lead up and it's already happened. The worry of being heartbroken after falling in love with a property is absolutely terrifying. It's like going to the middle school dance alone and your crush also went alone - all you want to do is dance with your goddamn crush. But there is a chance they will say no or pity dance with you until you cry.

Going into our inspection the realtor said to give them a 30 min or hour head start so that you don't distract or overwhelm them. They will have a few to get bearings of what they are looking at and what to really begin looking for. Our inspection was to include the main house, the ancient garage that can't really even fit a modern car, and the crooked house. Flood house isn't included since we know it's in terrible shape.

We showed up blue-eyed and bushy tailed with a long list of questions and things to make sure they checked on, but quickly realized that they knew what they were doing. We also found out that it is REALLY important to be there for the inspection since there are things the inspector will find but can't put into their report - like fleas. There are standards given by the local/state government that they have to follow and report on. Certain insects that are considered harmless to the structure of the home (like fleas and roaches) aren't included either in the home inspection or the pest inspection. (WHY?) We started asking about other things that would not be included and just started writing down as much as we could in case it wasn't included in the report.

Things we learned about the property and the state of the homes from the inspection:

  • Active or inactive termites and powder post beetles need treated in the Main and Crooked House.

  • Structural damage from termites and beetles need repaired/replaced along with some foundational repair from the old DIY-er fixes from previous owners in the Main House and Crooked House.

  • There is a header on the front porch of the Main house that needs repaired and some flashing re-done with gutter repair.

  • The Crooked House's porch is rotting into the ground and needs replaced.

  • HVAC in the Main House is crazy broken - Someone either shot out the compressor outside or purposefully drilled holes into it. The heater was rigged to work, but it had about 15 steps to get it to turn on, but was uncontrollable from the inside of the house.

  • The Dishwasher in the Main House is broken and leaky

  • The detached garage is structurally unsound due to 4-6 layers of roofing

Some things we were told that weren't highlighted or mentioned in the inspection:

  • Fleas in the Main House

  • Knob and Tube wiring should be immediately replaced in the Main House

  • The Crooked House is falling into the hill

  • The Flood House needs sealed ASAP to preserve what's there

  • Both Houses may need grading done to move water from the house

  • We will need a dumpster to get rid of the garbage from the tenant - Hopefully at the expense of the seller

  • Nothing about the Flood house was included since it isn't valued at this time, but needs a ton of work

So we have some things to contend with. It was enough for us to handle and we were expecting it. Since the seller was pricing as if everything in the Main House was great, we are able to justify asking the price lower to do these repairs and replacements. Our agent was very overwhelmed with the repairs list and was intimidated by the work needed to make this a special place. We chatted about it and showed him our plan of action and budget to pull it off. He said let's do it!

I will try to get descriptions of each house on the property and photos of it's scary "before" photos.

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