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We are officially homeowners! We went ahead with closing today even with a flea treatment left, but the seller had already paid for it. It has been scheduled for tomorrow morning! It was amazing how fast it went compared to the initial offer paperwork. Right after closing we drove over to the property to see if Hurricane Irma did any damage before our insurance kicks in at midnight, and because we are excited!

We received the keys complete with the Titanic key chain. She said we could keep it. Hopefully it will be a good luck charm rather than a foreshadowing story of a sinking ship..


To clarify, there are no keys to the Main House.. Only to the Crooked House. No reason given by the seller other than a shrug and a smile. (Locks and doors are high priority!)

We did a walk through and made another list of priorities and what can we do until work that we have to hire out gets done (pests, structural repair, HVAC, and electrical). This is off the top of my head, but a lot of work!

  1. Yard / Garden

  • Mow the grass and driveway

  • Dig out old pathway and driveway

  • Check out fences for any holes

  • Work on goat shelter

  • Clean all the gutters

  • Fix water drainage - gutters and downspouts

  1. Crooked House (Rentable)

  • Buy/Install new exterior doors?

  • Buy/Install new lock sets

  • Paint exterior doors

  • Power wash house

  • Rip up carpet

  • Rip out drop ceiling

  • Repair old ceiling or replace

  • Level/paint the floor

  • Trim and Paint everything

  • Replace dishwasher

  1. Main House

  • Buy/Install new back door

  • Buy/Install new lock set

  • Paint exterior doors

  • Power wash house

  • Move large steel sink to garage

  • Exchange washer and dryer from Crooked House (much nicer)

  • Exchange stove/oven from Crooked House (much nicer)

  • (After flea treatment) Vacuum old carpet, remove carpet, vacuum floor/subfloor

  • Trim and Paint

  • Hire to move washer/dryer hookups to adjacent wall

  • Refinish existing wood floors?

  • Get quotes on putting in new wood floors?

  1. Flood House

  • Add a back door

  • Clear out bad lumber for burning

  • Set up tool and workspace?

  1. Garage

  • Set a date for a "Property/Demo Party" in December?

  • Clean out existing materials and tools

This is a lot, so let us get to work!!! Next time there will be photos of the property and houses as they are now. I may break them into separate posts - We shall see.



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