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Here it is! We are a few days in and we still don't believe it is ours. These photos were taken last week when we were in the depths of tossing trash into dumpsters on behalf of the seller. There is so much happening here within the house that we aren't exactly sure where to begin. We have contacts for all the hired out work that needs to happen, and we are collecting quotes and pulling the trigger.

This house got its last paid dose of flea treatment (hopefully) so we are going to vacuuming up the rugs for the dead fleas and eggs the best we can before we remove it. We really don't want to end up keeping fleas in our floors. As rumor says that it is actually harder to get rid of fleas in hard wood floors than in carpet..

Next is working on getting quotes/scheduling work for electrical, pests (termites/powder post beetles), structural repair, and new HVAC. We have some information, but still gathering. We have started our list of priorities for what we can begin working on ourselves like exchanging the appliances between the houses, getting new doors and locks, removing carpet, and yard work.


This is such a great porch. You may not see it now, but the fall air lingers here waiting for tea in the evening. The carpet will get ripped up. I may have found real hard wood porching under all the carpet and subfloor for part of the porch. We shall see the condition.. We will probably have to add in a header and new posts. The structural guy thinks the ones in place are not real.


It needs a facelift. We love the idea of having our blue roof on our white house with black accents. I want the doors and windows to be trimmed out in black. I also love the idea of a black front door like the one I grew up with. It was a heavy old wood door at my mom's house with a black doorknob and a gold small knocker. It felt intimidating and safe. We are hoping to replace this door and paint it black.


No idea why there are two front doors. This one is old and leads to a bedroom. It may have been the front door at one time? No clue. It sits right next to the real front door. We don't have a plan here other than to either exchange the door for privacy for the guest room or to leave it. We are putting new locks on it for sure.


In all its glory. We hope to move the wood stove out of the middle of the room and maybe against a wall. We don't have plans yet other than to take out the carpet and super bad soft subfloor for new hardwood. Maybe electrician can add a few outlets in here too.


This is a beast, but paint and carpet removal will be #1 to get this room right. It comes straight off the living room to the side and has that great 2nd entry door to the front porch. There are hardwood floors in this room under the carpet. We aren't sure on the condition, but we are praying because the corner we pulled up looks beautiful.

Keep your eyes out for Part 2 in which we will explore the dining room, kitchen, bathroom, mudroom/laundry, and bedroom!

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