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Continuing on with our tour of the Main House! Onward to the dining room!


The dining room connects to the living room, kitchen, and mudroom. I would love for one of its walls to open up to either (or both) to the kitchen or living room. It would flow and open up a lot more. That's a question of price from the contractor.. The floors in here are laminate, crappy and sticky. We want to do hard wood in here and to match the level of the kitchen so there isn't this weird step up. Like the other rooms, it needs some love.


I'm way too excited, but we have a laundry room! I feel very womanly to be excited about laundry, but we also don't have laundry in the house we are renting from my family at the farm. It's just exciting that it is here. We do plan exchanging these two for the nicer pair in the Crooked House and moving the hook ups to the adjacent wall where the cabinet and water heater are. Obviously we will need a plumber and electrician to help with this process, but doable! This amazing steel sink is still questionable for its use, but it needs to be moved out of here. We do weirdly love it though. I have many plans for this room!


Back through the dining room and on the right is the kitchen! It is WAY too big for us for how much cooking we (don't) do. We really don't enjoy cooking, but sometimes we do. We hope to move some things around especially if we get to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Like the laundry, we are exchanging the nicer/newer stove from the Crooked House. It matches the other black appliances and seems to have been made in this century. (I love old things, but usually not as a kitchen appliance.)

We will keep the cabinets - probably paint them and put in new hardware. We hope to replace the counter tops, but not in the budget immediately. The floors look like they are hardwood and oak. We aren't sure if they are engineered flooring (a veneer) or hardwood - We will need to test if we want to refinish these.


This leads from the kitchen and meets up in a cross roads of the living room, bathroom, and master bedroom. Probably a new light and some paint!



Look at all the room for activities! It is the largest bathroom and has like nothing in it. My personal favorite is the choice to put in the air vent in the middle of the room by the toilet. There are plans and ideas in the works of how to best utilize this grand space. Tile, a large circle mirror, and hopefully a window are involved!


The final room of the house! It is newer according to the contractor that previously worked on this house. There used to be a garage here, but they tore it out and added this room. I'm not sure why they kept the slope in the ceiling, but it goes with the slope of the roof.

Same floors as the hall and kitchen. Probably needs refinished, but not sure if we can yet. The circle mirror in the closet will hopefully get repurposed in the bathroom!


Thus ends the tour of the main house. I'm sure it will be a continuous gift of surprises, but we are excited to make it our own!

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