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These are boob lights and they are getting replaced.

We (or I) love schoolhouse style lighting with all their milk glass glory. I did a ton of looking around, but settled on a few from Amazon. We have 2 boob lights in the kitchen and one in the hallway to replace. We have a few exposed bulbs for ceiling lights as well on the porch and mudroom, but priorities.

We chose this one and this one. We needed a slightly smaller one for over the kitchen sink, so the longer little one was perfect. I don't love the bronze finish, so I may brush or spray the bases.

Aaron does love the look of skyscraper or hollywood light shapes for the mudroom and the porch. We just got ours off of ebay, but it didn't come with a flush mount fitting. With a tad bit of research, we found Historic House Parts! We went with this one in white. We will probably paint the base to match the not yet existing exterior trim and doors. (The ceiling where this is going will also probably be replaced/repaired by the contractor, but photos soon!)


We shall update you on other lighting decisions - We have a lot of fans to either update or replace as well. That's not as important as replacing boob lights! Everything arrives in late next week, so real photos to come! Apparently it is super easy for us to put in ourselves (says Aaron), so we will be doing this ourselves!



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