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Last night we had to meet up with a representative from our insurance company to inspect the home to make sure that we are getting a good rate for the house. Aaron was tired, but we both wanted to feel productive. Earlier in the day I had stopped by the hardware store to pick up paint, supplies, and smoke detectors. We decided to test out the color samples I got on the front door, and then we ended up playing "What's behind this?" game with the house.

The game started mainly because we were curious about the living room floor. We haven't had enough time to dedicate ripping it up, but we plan to this weekend. The floor slopes in the strangest way, but doesn't seem to slope drastically under the house, so we pulled at the edges on one side and then the other.

Not only is there many layers of carpet, foam, AND glue - but there seems to be WOOD. What?!

We pulled at the other side and it is plywood or sub floor.. We remember that the contractor previously said that when he did the addition, he tried leveling out the floor in the living room. Did he really put down more carpet over old AND plywood to "level" the floor to the new oak they put in on the addition? Who would do this AND glue carpet to wood floors? Why?

In theory, if this is true - there should be wood flooring like the floor in the guest room under all these layers, and we should end up with a step up into the "hall" with the oak floor.

Once we had this discovery, we ran to the dining room to rip up the vinyl to find plywood. Boo.

Then we stood thinking, if they put cheap layers of crap over good stuff, whats behind these painted fake panel walls? Good Question!

We also chopped by an outlet in the living room to see what it held - Bead Board! This is so exciting. We can potentially rip out all this crap and either use the existing fun, farm walls or put up new dry wall easily.

We suspect the 3rd room with the paneling - Guest Room - also has the bead board type walls since the closet has it. We are now SUPER curious to what is under the tiled ceiling panels, but dare we look?

You'll have to wait to find out with us - We were too chicken to look.

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