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We picked a project that wouldn't be too hard to start our renovation and we already had the knowledge that there may be good looking hardwood floors under it. It didn't make it ANY less fun. We started with a room that looked like this:

I decided to bring the dogs for the first time before heading over to the new property. THEY WERE SO EXCITED. I put them in the back fenced area and let them hop through the weeds and see if there were any holes. It seemed like it was going to be a great plan for us that we would be able to renovate AND bring the dogs to get their exercise. As soon as we got started Aaron saw Eos (the big gray one) escape, so we patched up that hole with some materials laying around (old dry wall, cement blocks, and a pallet). We began working again and within 30 seconds heard the familiar clinking of Eos' color tags and she had gotten out again, but this time she jumped the 4' goat fence and bent the shit out of it. We tethered her to the tree where we could see her, and then along came Ruka who apparently can jump the fence too. At the very least we know we can't use that for the dogs and will require the 6' fence that surrounds the house like back in Tucson. We planned on this eventually to happen, but eventually will be prioritized now!

We started by vacuuming. The flea treatment happened on Wednesday and we wanted to get up the dead and eggs if we could before we start shaking it all up. I think we would have vacuumed even if we hadn't had fleas just to get the dust and keep debris down while pulling it up.

Aaron was excited and wanted to be productive while I was vacuuming, so he started to take up the carpet off the front porch. As ambitious as he is, it was not a great project to start. The green carpet came up easy, but the gray is TOTALLY glued down, brittle, and super dusty. It was tearing our hands up and seriously a terrifying mess.

I turned our focus on the real project for the evening and we began rolling that carpet up! We started with a room that looked like this:

Super exciting and fun! We pulled up the corners from the carpet stripping and rolled. It revealed a dark stained older pine floor!

We got the rug up and out into the drive way. We have to figure out if the city trash center will take it or if we have to take it to the dump, but wood floors! Aaron worked on pulling up the staples and I hammered out all the carpet strips from the floor.

We finished just after dark, and enjoyed the view! We definitely will need to refinished these floors, but look! Yes, that fan needs new bulbs.. or to just be replaced..

We look silly and a bit crazy after our first renovation project!


NEXT: Living room carpet removal. We know there is sub floor under it, but who says there isn't these under the subfloor? The height seems higher than only subfloor...


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