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Why would anyone decide to glue down astroturf to hardwood floors (and carpet on top of it)?

We are still trying to process our feelings about this. We were first stunned that there is astroturf under the carpet in the first place, but soon discovered that the astroturf was GLUED to the hardwood flooring.

This is where we started from - the white carpet came up in no time and no photos.

As we pull up the astro-turf, it is peeling away from its foamy base and staying on the glue. We pulled, scraped, cut, and finally got it out of the room. NEXT, we had to remove the fake stone vinyl from the entry part of the room by the front door. (It blends into the old foam in these photos.) The vinyl was glued to balsa wood and stapled to the floor with 1.5" staples. WHY. We spent the remainder of the evening removing a HUGE amount of staples from the floor.

Proud pile of staples:

The hardwood like it is similar to the guest room, but it is slightly lighter and skinnier in cut.

Aaron's going to call a hardwood guy to see if he has opinions on the best way to sand/refinish this. We also need to figure out how to get all this glue off the floor before we are 80. Just look at those floors.

These are the tools we used for the job -

PEST UPDATE: Fleas are back, so we have been dousing ourselves in bug spray until the flea guys come back. In the mean time, we are enjoying our new lights!

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