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This is the Crooked House, and you will soon find out why it has this name!

Now you are thinking - "It's so charming, it just needs a little pick me up! Why isn't this the Main House?"

Well there are issues with this one, For one, it has been Frankenstein-ed together over the years and not very well. They definitely added on a really terribly built addition to the front of the house that seems like it used to be a wrap around porch. One chimney is hooked up to the most monstrous wood stove you have ever seen for this size of a house, and the other isn't even really attached to the house? There is no access to it.

Now, when you walk in the front door, you see down the crooked hallway. When you turn to the left, you see the kitchen. Obviously keeping the wallpaper and 80's cabinetry. We have a lot of facelift plans for this to make it rentable. We are switching the black stove for the one in the Main House. You will also notice the drop ceiling making an appearance - that will soon be gone. It will give us back the original height of the room - maybe an extra 6-12".

To the right of the front door when you walk in, you see the living room. You will finally get to see the awesome-ness of the contractors that put on this addition. The floor styles changes 3 or 4 times between the kitchen and the other wall. More drop ceiling with perfectly okay dry wall ceilings above. Why?

This is where things get weird, but we will take you down the hall to the bedroom on the far end first before we dive into the scary.

This bedroom is pretty much the only room in the house that seems structurally and aesthetically okay. We will probably get this piano out, add some trim in places, and paint all the trim white.

Going off to the master bathroom and laundry room! We will definitely be switching this washer and dryer with the ones in the Main House. Can't wait to do that. More bad beaverboard wood paneling, drop ceiling, and crazy bad flooring.

Moving back to the hall way.. This is where things get weird. Look how everything is slightly twisted - It's like a fun house at the state fair.


I will leave you here and let "Part 2" take on the creepy other rooms...


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