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In Part 1, we covered the front of the house, kitchen, living room, hall, master bedroom, and master bath. We still have quite a journey to take for the Crooked House -

We are diving straight into the scary parts - The bathroom and hidden stairs to the 2nd floor. I'm just going to show these as a series of photos. They will explain themselves - I will note that we found something creepy/nasty growing in the toilet of this bathroom the other day after these photos were taken.

Now we go through door number 3 on the hall way -

And out the back!

That's it folks. We haven't made any moves yet other than replacing the back door handle since taking these photos. We hope to move the appliances around in the next week.

We should note that we get creepy feelings and hear noises in the house when in the house alone. We have started strategizing to talk to the house like my dad used to with Hilliard Rd. We think it may help since we are the first to disturb its peace in a while. We shall keep you all updated with this!


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