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We have been through hell and back to get these damn floors cleaned and sanded. We have tried so many different things to get the adhesive off the floors, and we sanded for what seemed like eternity.

Let's go to where we started - terrible carpet with astro turf under. We spent a day peeling the carpet and vinyl off the floor. Then spent the rest of the night pulling up the hundreds of staples and nails from the floor!

1. Goo-Gone - Definitely did not work. The scraper did the work. It took about 15 minutes of constant scraping to get this much done.

2. Only the scraper - Well we were avoiding using chemicals, so we spent a few hours one evening with some podcasts to get this much done. Really, really slow.

3. Goof-Off - We were avoiding this because these chemicals are sketchy. They require a good respirator, heavy duty chemical gloves, and a ton of patience. If it touched your skin, it burned like hell. It was gross and goopy. It got the job done, but we hated every second of it. Do note that we were only scraping the adhesive from the floors - not the stain and old finish. We were careful not to scratch the floors with the scrapers!

We ended up with this result - which felt nice. It gave us the idea and the feeling of what it could be.

But Aaron was looking like this.. We did not like this process. You will see this face a lot in the next few posts - He is SO ready to be done with these floors.


4. Sander - You guys. Just rent the sander for an extra day with 36 grit paper. It does the job just fine - Just a lot of patience for changing the paper on an old drum sander. We should have done it WAY sooner.

Check out the next post on our accidental artsy-fartsy photos.

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