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SO MANY LAYERS - You guys, our house was like an onion of flammable particle board (beaver board) and way too much tongue-in-grove bead board. The builders in this area really love bead board - When we were looking at houses we looked at an adorable craftsman that was walls and ceiling of it in every room. We didn't know when we bought this one, but this house was definitely built by the same people or at the same time. It's become clear with meeting other home owners in the area that bead board was super cheap to use for walls back 100 years ago. They didn't have sheetrock then, and I'm sure plaster was expensive!

We started that game of "what's behind this wall" back in September 2017, and it seems like we were removing beaverboard and bead board for our entire lives. At some point it stopped and the adding back to the house began which was a huge transformation of attitude!

We learned a lot of lessons in this part of our homeowner/home renovator lives - one of which is to just remove it all if you plan on removing it all eventually. We totally thought we would just remove the beaverboard and leave the bead board - just dry wall over the bead board walls and keep the ceiling original. Then the electricians were celebrating a bit too much over the absence of insulation in the exterior walls for our comfort. Then we decide it all bead board on the walls go so that we can put in insulation! (Good thing we did or we would be kicking ourselves with this record breaking cold over the last week!)

Since I have like three months worth of photos of us removing the bead board, I will show you highlights of this adventure in this process. Not room to room.

You get the idea. If you want to see more, check out the DEMO GALLERY here. Then it came time to remove the false wall in the dining / living room! I had to get these photos from Aaron since I had forgotten to bring both my cell phone and my camera that day. This wall was the mental roadblock for us and the house. Just coming in would stress us out and feel cluttered. It's a completely different house with the wall gone. I don't take it for granted and it's been out for over a month. I feel pride walking in the front door knowing we did this together.

Once everything was to studs and we removed the false wall in the living/dining space, we played with changing the location of the bedroom door, closet in the bedroom, new door for the mudroom, widening the kitchen doorway, etc. This was fun playing with these ideas together and bouncing off each other.

OKAY - YOU GET IT. It was nuts and a ton of work. Still as of right now, December 2018, we have most of the bead board from the walls stored in the Flood House. There is a lot of it. We did donate as much bead board as CHC, a local nonprofit, would take!

We will pick up next with covering our journey of refinishing the floors, putting in insulation, adding drywall, and a yard update!


Erin + Aaron

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